Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Digital Paintings

Here are a few more digital paintings. These are fairly old, all of them are from this past fall or earlier. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do any painting this summer becasue I've been so busy with thesis and other things. Maybe I can squeeze one in before school starts. In the mean time I hope you enjoy these oldies.

This is a poster I made as a final project for a diversity class at
Ringling. One of the benefits of taking liberal arts classes at a
fine arts school like Ringling is how easy it it to substitute a
quick art project for a five or ten page final paper.

I was so excited when all the promotions began for the new
Indy movie I had to grab one of the stills and paint this guy.
It's actually a full body pose but since I didn't finish it I

cropped the lower half out. And by the way, except for the
Tarzan scene, I liked the movie.

This one is probably the oldest of the three. It's also unfinished.
Since she's a faerie I intended to add wings, one of which was
supposed to be broken, hence the despair. I do intend on
finishing this one some day. I used photo reference for this painting.

This one I did for Jodie. It's her World of Warcraft character.
I've never played WOW before but I do know that this is a
Nightelf, and apparently her name is Guen. And yes, this is
one of few paintings that I've actually finished.

Another game related painting, except this one was done
as part of a seasonal mask design contest for Guild Wars
(another game that Jodie plays). This design got second place
so unfortunately it didn't make it into the game, but it did
supply Jodie with some cool Guild Wars merchandise.

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Alex said...

your digital paintings are rediculous. daaaaayum. and nerdalicious. :) miss you man!