Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Bruton Update

Although he has taken down the last two drawings that I posted about, I keep finding more. This is another stolen piece of art that Mark Bruton STILL has up on his web page . . . despite being called out numerous times.

You'd think after all the embarrassing publicity, he'd go through his portfolio with a fine tooth comb and get rid of ALL the evidence. Instead, like a child, he continues to live in la-la-land where denial, and distasteful ethics are a way of life.

UPDATE - 10/10/10

Mark Buton's web page has been taken down! Was it voluntary or coerced? Don't know. Not sure what it means in the long run, but hopefully, at least for the time being, it means online artists are safe from copyright fraud.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Really, Bruton...really?

Dear Mr. Bruton,

After all that has happened, sir, you continue to fail at being an artist. Not becasue of your lack of abilities, but becasue of your lack of morality.

It is clear, through your continued malevolent behavior and refusal to comply with the simple requests of your colleagues, that you have no intention of ever changing. It leaves me with a simple question . . . a challenge if looked upon from a certain point of view. Can you, in fact, do any art that is truly your own? Only time will tell, my sad, sad friend.

The sales pitch on your web page promoting your services gave me chuckle:

"There is absolutely no better or lasting gift than a drawing by a caricature artist who can humorously reveal the true character of your friends and loved ones, colleagues and business associates."

Well, here's a line drive right back at'cha:

"There is absolutely no better way of revealing an artist's true character than to make readily available to his friends and loved ones, colleagues and business associates, the drawings he has stolen."

I hope everyone who knows you will eventually come across these posts. Just so they can discover who the real Mark Bruton truly is.


Oh, and I figured I'd include your contact information for anyone who'd like to drop you a line and tell you how they feel about your "work":
(620) 339 - 9240

UPDATE - Sept 8th, 2010

15 hours after this post, Bruton's web page was updated . . . excluding the above drawings for the inventory. Only time will tell if things remain this way.