Friday, April 30, 2010

Figure Drawing

Today was the last day of my Intermediate Figure Drawing class, taught by Marianne Chapel. This was her last day too, as she and I are both moving on to bigger and better things. I liked her class so much that I took it three times. These drawings are some of my favorites from this year.

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Kevin Lu said...

great job man. I had marianne too this year in the tuesday class. Even on the first day I learned something new. I wished I could have been able to take her 3 times. Your thesis was awesome and funny and I'm glad you made it to Sony.

Jonathan said...

Hey Matt! So many clothed! And allot of detail, did she change the format of the class?

Matthew J Killian said...

Thanks a bunch Kevin, I appreciate the support!! Yeah, Marianne will certainly be missed. Hopefully the next Intermediate Figure instructor will live up to her standards. If so I totally recommend taking that class multiple's great for your portfolio. Keep in touch!

Matthew J Killian said...

What Up Jonathan! Good to hear from you.

Actually the class hasn't change too much, except for the addition of costumes the last few weeks and a continued emphasis on working in value as much as possible. Since this was my 3rd time taking the class she gave me a little more freedom to focus in portraits. I tried to do at least one for every model. I'm gonna miss it.

Beast said...

Hey Matthew, Justr wanted to give you a heads up. This tool is stealing your work. Check out the John Wayne for sale. Look familiar


Matthew J Killian said...

Hey, thanks for the heads up, Beast!!

Your observations seem to be correct. He has taken my John Wayne painting and painted on top of it...and from what I can tell I'm not the only one he is stealing from. I will not be surprised if this guy is entirely black listed by the end of the day.