Thursday, December 18, 2008

Digital Painting

I figured I'd post some of my more recent artwork. These are some of my first digital paintings. All of these were created using Corel Painter and a Wacom tablet.

This is an unfinished digital portrait that I started
about 2 years ago. I doubt I will ever finish it.

This digital landscape was an exercise I did while
experimenting with Corel's brush library.

This was another Corel warm up exercise. Just some clouds.

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Film Commish said...

Matthew -- You're quite gifted! If you haven't ever visited our film commission online production directory, you may want to poke around in the categories and see if you'd fit into any -- you can list yourself in one category of your choosing absolutely free, no other obligation, just to get into the info stream of all kinds of production in Sarasota County. Best regards, Jeanne - Director of Sarasota County Film Commission

Glenn said...

Looks great. You can check out my most recent work in the "A Clockwork Orange" review at my stupid blog.

Francesco Giroldini said...

You should finish the digital portrait, it looks great already!

Matthew J Killian said...

Thanks Francesco.

I'd like to come back to it, but I'm afraid I'll mess it up. Myabe over the summer.

Bobbi said...

I found your digital painting of the Nativity via a Google search. It is very very beautiful, you captured the love between the two through their eyes. It is awesome! You have a wonderful road ahead of you.

Best wishes, Bobbi, Miami

Bharat said...

hey matthew - your digital painting - 'road' is fantastic. I would love to get a print copy of the same so i can frame it....have you considered commercially distributing your art? I ask because i couldnt find a print copy of the same online.