Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinema Memoir #41

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (June 23rd, 1989)

I remember seeing the trailers for this movie quite a while before it actually came out, and I wanted to see it more than anything in the world - which is why I pitched a holy fit when I discovered that my Mom and Brother had seen it before me.

My poor mom felt so terrible that she took me out of town (because it wasn't playing back home) and sat through the entire movie again, just to make her youngest son happy. So I dedicate this post to my mom (God love her) for going out of her way to make her children happy.

Oh, and the movie was totally worth it!

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Glenn said...

Boy, 1989 was the summer of Rick Moranis.

Matthew J Killian said...

Yeah. I miss Rick Moranis too. Apparently he retired from acting. He wouldn't even voice his character in the new Ghostbusters game.