Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinema Memoir #39

Ghostbusters II (June 16th, 1989)

Not the best sequel, but it didn't matter because I was nine and was a huge fan of both the original movie and the cartoon. The only negative part of my experience was being really disappointed that slimer's design had changed. He looked so terrible!

This was the first time I noticed the huge marketing machine behind a movie. I believe Taco Bell handled a large chunk of the marketing.

The release of this movie also prompted me and several of my friends to take on the role of honorary Ghostbusters. Our objective was to rid the neighborhood haunted house of its spectral occupants. We figured a vacuum would suffice as a proton pack, but when we went in to the vacant house the only ghosts we came across where the ones we brought in there with us - talk about being afraid of our own reflections.

Ahhh - to be nine again.

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Glenn said...

I always wanted to be Egon whenever my friends and I played, but they made me be Winston because I had the darkest skin.