Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cinema Memoir #48

Back to the Future Part III (May 25th, 1990)

At one point in history, Back to the Future was the 3rd coolest trilogy in existence, following in close succession behind Indiana Jones and Star Wars. I suppose considering now that Indiana Jones and Star Wars are no longer trilogies, it ranks at number one on the cool scale.

This was the first time I had ever seen two sequels shot and released back to back. Today a big budget movie hardly gets made without a 3 part sequel and franchise deal.

This movie was pretty damn good, but as a kid I could have done without the whole mushy love story . . . or perhaps it was Mary Steenburgen I could have done without. Of course now as an adult I realize the whole mushy lover story is pretty much the backbone of the movie . . . but I could still do without Mary Steenburgen.

I can remember being sad knowing the delorian would never fly again, but I think Zemeckis wrapped the story up pretty well. I just hope he doesn't decide to try and remake or add on to these movies like he's doing with Roger Rabbit.

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