Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cinema Memoir #50

Celebrating my 50th movie theater experience. Right on 1990! 50 movies by the age of 10 . . . not too shabby a start, I must say. Although, had I known at the time that prestigious number 50 would be Robocop 2, I might have held out for something a little more impressive. 50 down, 332+ more to go.

Robocop 2 (June 22nd, 1990)

I had great fun watching this movie, all thanks to a mom who was nice enough to indulge her ten-year-old son's twisted desire to see cheesy, "R" rated sci-fi flicks in the theater.

I liked the first Robocop a lot, but I remember feeling slightly uneasy with the amount of violence, and it always seemed to leave me feeling kind of down . . . but I suppose Paul Verhoeven's movies tend to have that effect on people.

The sequel was a lot different. It felt cleaner and a bit more campy (best scene from the movie), and seemed to raise the steaks just enough to get by. It was also directed by Irvin Kershner, who directed Empire Strikes Back. Robo 2 is certainly no Empire Strikes Back, but I can safely say it deserves it's place as a decent follow up to the original.

Also, robots fighting robots is kick ass. Only Michael Bay could ruin that.

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Glenn said...

No, this is the best scene in Robocop 2!

(too lazy to hyperlink, sorry)

Matthew J Killian said...

Yeah, way to be lazy. I'm trying to copy and paste that URL in my blackberry and can't make it work. Now I will never know what the best scene is from Robocop 2 for an hour.

Matthew J Killian said...

Haha, yeah, but this is "debatably" the best scene of the movie, Glenn . . . becasue the closer you get to the end of Robocop 2, the closer you get to the beginning of Robocop 3. Eek!