Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cinema Memoir #17

Creepshow 2 (May 1st, 1987)

Now we're talking! This was my first big screen R rated movie. The original Creepshow was my favorite scary movie at the time - even though I hadn't yet been able to make it through "The Crate" segment without covering my eyes. The sequel isn't nearly as good as the original but it does have its merits. The killer oil slick always freaked me out!

Oddly enough, watching this movie was another family event. My parents were pretty confident that I could handle movies like this - and they were right. Ever since I can remember I've loved horror movies. The only movie that ever really gave me nightmares was Gremlins and that was just from the trailer.

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Glenn said...

I don't really like this one that much. Hey did you ever see the DTV Creepshow 3? I didn't, but I heard it was terrible.