Monday, July 7, 2008

Cinema Memoir #5

The Goonies (June 7th, 1985)

Perhaps one of the best kid's movies of all time. Of course I've seen this movie a thousand times on video so my big screen memories are kinda hazy. I remember Data being my favorite character at the time because of all his cool gadgets.

I have to give props to Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus for coming up with this idea. I guess Richard Donner did okay too. This movie was really fresh for it's time and it's become a cult classic.

I had the pleasure of catching a special screening of The Goonies a few years ago in Orlando. The theater was packed and we knew all the lines.

There has never been another kids movie quite like The Goonies, and there probably never will be, but my fingers are still crossed.

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Glenn said...

I think that was the first time in history anyone ever gave props to Chris Columbus.

Matthew J Killian said...

I like Chris Columbus. I don't know why he get's so much flack all the time.