Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cinema Memoir #8

The Jewel of the Nile
(December 11th, 1985)

Perhaps one of the worst sequels of all time (Not a Robert Zemeckis movie) . I was and still am a huge fan of Romancing the Stone, but this movie was a total letdown. There wasn't even a jewel, at least in the first movie there was a jewel. That was how I saw it at the age of five.

The most memorable part was Danny DeVito's line, "Your ass is grass and I'm a lawnmower." I've been waiting 23 years for the perfect opportunity to say that to someone, and one day it'll come.

(Image from impawards.com)

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Glenn said...

I taught at a writing camp this summer and some sixth grader (I don't remember what it was in response to) said "Just like in Jewel Of The Nile?"