Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cinema Memoir #6

Back to the Future (July 3rd, 1985)

Memories are strange things. The only thing I remember about watching this movie in the theater is Marty McFly riding behind cars on his skateboard, fun but certainly not the most memorable part of Back to the Future. I think this movie made a greater impact on me in VHS form because when the sequels came out I was ready for them.

Robert Zemeckis is one of my all time favorite directors. His movies are always on the cutting edge of technology and he seems to be constantly reinventing his approach to storytelling. Back to the Future was one of those innovative movies.

On a side note, every time I see a Delorean in real life (which is quite rare) I get butterflies in my stomach and kinda giggly. I saw one in Sarasota about a year ago and I followed it into a parking lot and ogled at it for a few minuets. The license plate -- Back In Time

(Image from impawards.com)


Glenn said...

Remember when I was going to build a fake flux capacitor for my Sunfire? Turns out you can actually just buy those.

Matthew J Killian said...

Your Sunfire couldn't even get up to 88 mph.